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xavier delory depicts vibrant wall drawings in a state of ruin with 'after sol lewitt'

The Post-produced world: Xavier Delory

Xavier Delory imagines Gerrit Rietveld's Schröder House covered in primary-coloured paintwork

xavier delory envisions a new de stijl icon with the 'rietveld van doesburg house'

La Chapelle Le Corbusier revue et corrigée par le photographe Xavier Delory

Peregrinando hacia la MODERNIDAD

Le Corbusier's Ronchamp chapel reimagined with the architect's own graffiti

Artist Transforms Ronchamp Into Canvas for Corbusier’s Colorful Art

Una certa confusione, fra progetti di architettura non realizzati e disegni di architetture impossibili.

Xavier Delroy traslada los murales de Le Corbusier a las fachadas de Ronchamp

xavier delory envisions le corbusier's ronchamp chapel covered in graffiti

'Le Corbusier by Himself'

Xavier Delory imagines corbusier's villa savoye in a state of decay.

Le Corbusier "vandalisé" par le photographe Xavier Delory.

Behold a Vandalized Villa Savoye Plastered in Graffiti.

Closed On Sunday: A Satrical Look At Modern Society By Xavier Delory.

How 'Vandalizing' a Classic Exposes the Hypocrisy of Today's Modernists

Modernism in Ruins: Artist "Vandalizes" a Le Corbusier Masterpiece

Formes urbaines L'architettura vertiginosa di Xavier Delory.

La villa Savoye du Corbusier, vandalisée par Xavier Delory! 17/10/2014

Cómo "vandalizar" un clásico, expone la hipocresía sobre la Modernidad hoy

Pilgrimage on Modernity

Le Corusier. 25-10-2014

Sacrilege or photoshopped set? Xavier Delory Vs Modern Architecture

Formes urbaines by Xavier Delory

Surrealist Architecture from Belgium’s Xavier Delory

photographer 340 Xavier Delory tag/xavier-delory 

Xavier Delory – Fermé le dimanche

xavier-delory Habitat.

  50 degres Nord

Xavier Delory

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