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Delory offers, for CarréRotondes, a very personal rearrangement of the urban characteristics of the buildings photographed in Luxembourg, where he uncovers the angles, proportions and perspectives.

This commission to the photographer was placed within the framework of la Triennale Jeune Création 2013 "You I Landscape" Carré Rotondes. The theme of the landscape, and more specifically Luxembourg’s landscape, came about because of the extraordinary arrival of Xavier Delory, during the time of la Triennale jeune creation 2013With Luxembourg, the Belgian artist presents a reflection on the bourgeoisification of the popular neighbourhoods, whereby the social and economic profile of the inhabitants is transformed for the exclusive benefit of a higher social stratum.

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It's a refers to the changes that result when wealthier people ("gentry") acquire or rent property in low income and working class communities. Often old industrial buildings are converted to luxurious residences. 

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Façade libre or ‘facadism’, planning practice which consists in conserving only the front of old buildings while demolishing the rest in order to construct a modern interior. This whithout any link to the original architecture. 

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BARRE D'ÎLOT, 2010-2013

This fiction imagine a self-constructed towers built from typical Brussels houses. It's a reflection about the urban block, the framework of the historic city, its break-up and its replacement by residential and office towers.

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DOMINO, 2010

Critique of a functionnal and profitable architecture, symbol of vanity and fragility.

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