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chapelle Notre-Dame du Haut, France

This fiction imagines The Notre-Dame-du-Haut chapel built by Le Corbusier between 1951 and 1955 on the Bourlémont hill in Ronchamp, entirely covered with three paintings painted by Le Corbusier on the walls of Villa E-1027 located in Roquebrune Cap Martin.


Some Anglo-Saxon critics qualify the pictorial intrusion at E-1027 as symbolic "rape". The frescoes are in oppositon to the concept of purist architecture by Eileen Gray based on pure volumes and solid colors, and the ideas of Le Corbusier himself, for whom architecture could not be "decorated", seeing in the artist an enemy of architecture, destroying and disqualifying the wall. He called on architects to use only polychromy.


Le Corbusier had a daily practice of painting alongside his career as an architect. His ideas on mural painting will gradually evolve, no doubt, influenced by Picasso, Fernand Léger and his desire to synthesize the arts.


We can see in the architecture of Notre Dame Du Haut an evolution similar to that in his painting, after a purist beginning influenced by the industrial motif, Le Corbusier will be inspired by forms from the natural world.

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